Are you tired of running an online business where you change your brand every 3-months, spend crazy hours marketing it with no results, and have to resort to pushing and discounting your services just to get people to work with you?

That sounds exhausting and yet it doesn't even come close to what you've been through since starting your online business

  • Maybe you invested in a coach who looked like they knew what they were doing but you still don’t know what the heck your brand is

  • Maybe you got convinced to build a website, buy business cards, and spend time designing the perfect logo before you even had a conversation with your ideal client

  • Maybe you even got to a point in your business where the idea of being a thought leader who speaks on stages, gets media features, and doesn’t have to convince people to work with them just feels so far away at this point

Spending ANOTHER YEAR still struggling to build your brand. That is no longer an option because..

  • You’ve done the waiting game.

  • You’ve done the “I’ll just figure it out on my own” method.

  • You’ve done the "When I get the money then I’ll invest" strategy

Yet none of them worked.

And you're still hopping on free webinars to fix your business

Business takes work but it shouldn’t be a struggle. You are far too talented, compassionate, and powerful!

What if you could learn from the best millennial entrepreneurs and thought leaders in the world who have already built up their brands and businesses?

What if instead of signing up and spending thousands of dollars on a bunch of programs, you could get the best strategies, inspiration, and community you need to grow and market your brand in ONE place?

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Introducing The Thought Leader Academy Membership

This membership is designed to help you grow and market your mission-driven personal brand

  • Stay inspired on the journey

    Listen to video podcasts of motivational interviews and stories from leading millennial thought leaders to keep you motivated on your journey. Many of our members enjoy listening to these interviews in the background while working on their business

  • Plug-n-play Marketing Strategies & Systems

    Get access to high performing marketing strategies and systems that you can immediately implement in your business. Think the strategy to get your first 100k Youtube subscribers or how to get a million views on LinkedIn --both in the membership and many more!

  • A community of other millennial entrepreneurs on the rise

    Join the monthly group coaching call held via ZOOM to build your brand, get your questions answered, and network with other entrepreneurs (starting July 2018). Hosted by your mentors Amanda Rivera and Tayo Rockson

New masterclasses, trainings, and private bonus courses added every month.

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Meet Your Mentors

  • Amanda Rivera

    Co-founder of Thought Leader Academy, Thought Leadership Coach, and Business Strategist

    Amanda Rivera

  • Tayo Rockson

    Co-founder of Thought Leader Academy, 3x TEDx Speaker, and Cultural Diversity Influencer

    Tayo Rockson